Turkish sauna

Turkish saunas are characterized by 100% humidity, temperatures from 40 to 45°C. The pleasant fragrances of herbs and various essential oils strengthen lymphatic drainage and relax muscle tension, and make the skin volatile and soft.


Lie down on a chest facing the fireplace and enjoy temperatures from 40-50°C and the smell of the freshly baked bread which will take you to pleasant dreams. During the relaxation you will have a chance to taste freshly baked home-made bread, bread slices, walnuts…


The RASUL treatment takes place in an acoustic and romantically lit cabin for two with temperatures up to 45°C and with a relative humidity of 70%.

Finnish wood stove sauna in a log cabin

Temperatures in Finnish saunas reach 80 - 90°C. This type of sauna is very dry with only 10% humidity. It stimulates sweating, removes toxins from your body and increases body resistance.

Hay sauna

You sit on a heated chair with your body covered. The back of the chair is filled with hay which allows the transfer of steam heated to 40°C. This type of sauna hastherapeutic effects since it relievestension and neck, shoulder and back problems. The beneficial effects of hay and herbs (lavender, camomile, and rosemary) cleanse the skin and respiratory passages.

We recommend you visit the hay sauna for 30 minutes before taking a massage.

We recommend this ritual to all who cannot tolerate enclosed spaces, have respiratory problems or varicose veins on the legs.

About saunas

The word sauna is of Finnish origin and means a type of bath where the body is initially warmed up in hot air and then cooled down under a cold shower.

With its warming and cooling phases the sauna has a beneficial effect on the skin, breathing, heart, blood pressure, kidneys, glands, nerves and mental state. Heating and cooling phases cleanse and regenerate the skin, accelerate cell regeneration, thoroughly moisten the skin and stimulate and invigorate blood circulation. Heating phases affect breathing with outstanding circulation of respiratory passages and bronchial relaxation, whilst the cooling phase enables rapid compensation of oxygen shortage due to the hot environment.

Saunas have been used since ancient times in the form of various refreshing baths. Baths have been replaced by Finnish saunas which experienced major increase in popularity in the 20th century with their global expansion from the Scandinavian countries. The Finnish sauna is also known as the genuine sauna since all other types of saunas we know today were developed from this type.

Sauna bathing process

Physicians recommend the use of saunas for various reasons. The human body reacts very well to sauna bathing where it is exposed to high temperatures for a short period. Sauna bathing should not last more than 15 minutes. Prior to visiting the sauna you should take a shower without soap and dry yourself lightly with a towel or a sheet. During sauna bathing it is recommended to lie on the highest bench possible, whilst it is reasonable to sit up in an upright position only for 2 minutes before you leave the sauna. Your legs should be positioned on the bench, thus achieving the same temperature as the other parts of the body.

This phase is followed by the cooling phase lasting from 10 to 15 minutes. When you come out of the sauna room you have to move around in fresh air to cool down your respiratory  passages and to allow enough oxygen to enter your blood since the lack of fresh air impedes blood circulation. After that you should take a cold shower or a quick cold bath to strengthen your body. Cold stimulation causes your veins to contract, but the use of cold water shouldn’t be a shock to your body. The cold shower or cold bath should always be followed by a warm long bath which effects the feeling of warmth all over the body up to your head. After a short rest you should enter the sauna again and repeat the sauna bathing process. More than three successive sauna bathing processes don’t benefit the body but cause excessive exhaustion.

With their successive stimulation, saunas are great for your body since they activate all body parts without  requiring any effort from the body and give a moderate feeling of comfort. The harmlessness of sauna bathing and its positive effects have been proven on numerous occasions in various countries like Finland and Germany. The successful and beneficial use of saunas depends on following  the provided verified instructions.

More about the RASUL Treatment

The heated armchairs are equipped with shower handles and a constant fresh water supply to moisten your hands which facilitates your application of the peeling and other selected natural materials (e.g. moor mud or healing chalk) on your body. The high level of humidity causes the selected natural materials to thoroughly cleanse the skin, nourish it and make it volatile and soft again. After 30 minutes you receive a warm surprise (gentle rain) indicating the end of the treatment. The treatment is followed by a thorough shower in the cabin. This type of sauna bathing is also appropriate for groups and one on one chatting. We recommend you combine Rasul with massages.