In THAI SPA Thai massage centre Thai massages are performed exclusively by experienced masseuses from Thailand who are highly trained to perform all massage types in massage rooms decorated in a typically Thai style.

Traditional Thai massage is an ancient massage practised in Thailand for 2500 years. It combines acupressure (applying pressure on certain body parts), stretching (passive yoga) and treatment of energy lines and meridians (each meridian has an influence on the physical body and its internal organs) along the body. Thai massage is much more than just a body treatment. Applying pressure on certain points on the body increases the energy flow through energy lines and removes imbalances in the body. This massage preserves health and strong energy lines. The client is fully clothed during the massage which does not include oils.

Thai massage effects:

Helps release blockages and stimulates the flow of life energy, which establishes a balance of body, mind and spirit. In this way different psycho-physical problems are eliminated.

The physiological effects of Thai massage on the circulatory system are better blood and lymph circulation and reduced heart rate. It reduces edema caused by slow lymph flow and accelerates the flushing of from the body. Furthermore, tendons and muscles are relaxed, joints are loosenedand the whole body is more flexible. A superior nervous and digestive system is stimulated and more active.

Modern variations of traditional Thai massage help to remove mental and physical stress, relax the body and ease muscle problems caused by increased physical effort. They also reduce the incidence of chronic pain problems, balance the work of the entire body and help tofight against cellulite.

Thai massages also help to:

  • Relieve joint and muscle pain and headaches,
  • Relieve stress, overload and bad state of health,
  • Improve blood circulation and energy flow,
  • Relieve sleeping problems,
  • Successfully detox the body,
  • Improve the body’s defence mechanism.